Pscope for iPad

Pscope (Pentagonal kaleidoscope) is a kaleidoscope-like image generator interacting with a user's touch. Using photo images, Pscope displays pentagonal-shaped image segments spread on the screen. You can freely customize segments' shape. Pscope is easy to use:

  1. Select a photo from your photolibrary. Pscope draws image segments of the photo on the screen.
  2. Customize a segment shape in the settings page. Pscope redraws the photo image with the new segments.
  3. Touch the screen to animate the image.
  4. Save the tiled image to the photolibrary.

Demo video

» Movie for iPad users
» Movie for iPhone users

Demo images

- Input image sample (from Munich U-Bahn - Georg-Brauchle-Ring)

- Output images generated by Pscope.

Now on App Store

Pscope for iPad is now on App Store for $1.99.

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