KanjiName - Your Japanese Name


KanjiName creates your own Japanese name, drawing the name on Japanese traditional illustrations with a background photo that you choose from your photo library. Create your original photos!!

Available on App Store
$0.99 on iTunes Store!

System Requrements

How to use

  1. Run the application. Select a plate illustration on which your Japanese name will be drawn. Push the save button.
  2. Select a background image. You can choose your favorite photo from your library. Push the save button.
  3. Select Japanese characters. The application will not automatically create your Japanese name; You could make a Japanese name that sounds similar to yours, choosing characters by yourself. Enter characters, then push the save button.
  4. Push the create button to generate a synthesized image. Move, rotate, dilate, shrink the plate image by fingers. Push the save button to save the image into your photo library.

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